A 9×12 Oriental Area Rug can hold 87 Pounds of soil without looking Dirty!

A study by the Eureka Company revealed that a 9×12 Oriental Rug can hold up to 87 pounds of soil without looking dirty . Oriental area rugs are made to hide soil. Most Oriental area Rugs with wool fibers that naturally hide soil. The hand knotting helps even more. 

 This explains why an old Oriental Rug still looks good! However, the dry soil is damaging to your rug, so be sure to have your rugs cleaned on a regular basis, use a good pad, vacuum them often, and rotate them once in a while. And 100,000 other living family members,250,000 dead and decaying, 3,500,000 pieces of their poo, are found in 1 square meter of your carpet Have these dangerous dust mites invaded your home?

Here’s the skin crawling stats: the average human sheds 1.5 million skin flakes every hour—that’s enough to feed hungry dust mites for 170 days over 100,000 dust mites can be found in 1 square meter of a carpet. Their dropping and decomposing bodies cause an allergic reaction in 18-30% of people. A female dust mite, in the breeding stage produces 30 to 100 eggs at a time.




·         We dry clean it indoor

· we vacuum for you.

·  we move your furniture

· Professional Pre-spotting for all tough stains.

· Professional Pre-spray applied on all areas to remove ground in, oily dirt.

· Deep extraction cleaning with our powerful extraction machine.

· Professional residue-free rinse to retard re-soiling

· Anti-Allergen Relief is applied to all cleaned areas. ( To kill dust mites and pet allergens)

· Carpet grooming after cleaning.

· High speed drying Surgeon booties so you can walk on your carpet while it dries completely.



·         We pick and return after 48hrs

·         We vacuum

·         Pre spot

·         Test for color fastening

·         Soak with soapy water

·         Scrub with soft brush

·         Rince wtill all clear water comes out

·         Extract the water

·         Hang it on our rug racks

·         Anti-Allergen Relief is applied to all cleaned areas. ( To kill dust mites and pet allergens

·         Apply scented deodorizer (your choice of lemon or baby fresh scent).

·         Rug grooming after cleaning.

Return it to the client

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