The importance of a safe and clean workplace is undisputed. We go to all kinds of lengths to ensure that our warehouses, factories, office complexes, and retail properties are – first and foremost – as safe as possible for our clients, customers, and employees. And to remain competitive, this space also needs to impress passers-by and catch the eyes of potential customers. Accomplish both with SUPER CLEAN’s commercial building washing service for businesses throughout.



GREEN ARMY will only ever use soft washing to clean your building’s exterior. This industry-approved approach engages low-pressure equipment that sprays water and cleaner at a gentle force. It’s also the most effective way to remove black stains, kill bacteria like mold, algae, and mildew, and restore the ‘just like new’ effect to your exterior.

Our soft wash solution is safe for use on any exterior material and gives our technicians the opportunity to be extra detail-oriented. As a result, you will get an even deeper and longer lasting clean…and it will never cause water damage or harm your siding in the process.



We specialize in working with customers who manage commercial properties, and we know what values matter to your business. When you get a building washing solution from our team, you’re getting:

  • Consistent curb appeal
    Our soft wash solution removes dirt, stains, and build up from your exterior. Your business will look better from the curb all the way up to the front door.
  • Convenient solutions
    You’ve got a business to operate. We make property maintenance easier with services that work around your schedule. Our team works efficiently and carefully to make sure that no brick, siding strip, or stucco surface is left uncleaned. Due to our methods of cleaning, we can often provide our services without interrupting your regular business.
  • Long-term quality
    We always use the best pressure washing technology to restore your exterior. With top equipment and cleaners, you’re getting the best level of clean on the market. Schedule monthly, quarterly, seasonal, or annual cleanings to keep your home in prime condition throughout the year.

Commercial customers know they can trust SUPER CLEANto deliver that spotless first impression. Get yours with a building washing service today. Take control of your property’s first impression! SUPER CLEANdelivers professional building washing services that keep your business looking its best.