We’re here to help you stand apart from the competition. SUPER CLEANknows that business success can sometimes come down to something as fleeting as a positive first impression. We’re here to give your commercial property great curb appeal – and to make it last.

Our team specializes in commercial pressure washing services in and around the country’s major cities. We know how to deliver superior results through a service that won’t make your workflow skip a beat. SUPER CLEANtakes pride in convenience, quality, customer service, and guaranteed satisfaction. We strive to keep our customers on track with reliable commercial pressure washing services. When you choose the SUPER CLEANteam, you do so knowing that we’ll give your business the best.


Our one stop shop model makes it easy to get the services you need for your property. Whether we’re washing your parking garage, dumpster pad, or your building’s exterior, we always bring the same caliber of quality to our customers. We’re serious about customer satisfaction — and all of our many loyal long-term commercial clients can attest to it.



SUPER CLEAN exists to bring better commercial pressure washing solutions for your property. Since we began cleaning properties six years ago, our top priority has been to deliver the best quality clean while providing the most convenient and friendly service. Our technicians have the training and experience to work with property and equipment in many different industries. We have the knowledge to inspect every job site before and after we conduct our clean to further benefit the management of your property. Our unique cleaning solution and industry-approved technology and equipment work together to help us provide a deep and lasting clean, lifting even the biggest grease deposits and rust stains away from your commercial property’s surfaces. In short, when you need the best for your Greater commercial property, you need SUPER CLEANAnd when you need us we’re ready to go to work.

Our commercial pressure washing services bring you:

  • Years of Experience
    SUPER CLEANowner Kevin Odero began SUPER CLEANon his own nearly six years ago. He’s built the business around quality, integrity, and a seamless customer experience. He has dedicated his years in the industry to perfecting SUPER CLEAN’s proprietary formulas and methods for cleaning to bring the best possible quality to his customers.
  • Leading Technology and Cleaners
    Simply put: We only use the best. All of our power washing and soft washing equipment and cleaners are industry-approved, so customers know we mean business when we promise to bring exceptional quality.
  • All-Around Customer Satisfaction
    From the moment you schedule your appointment to the moment we finish up our service, the SUPER CLEANteam is dedicated to making the process seamless. You let us know what we need, and we’ll deliver. We give you the confidence that you only have to call us once. We do the job right the first time to ensure you get the clean to deserve.
  • Stress-Free Scheduling
    We work on recurring contracts with many of our commercial clients. By scheduling monthly, quarterly, or annual services, you can know that your property is getting the professional care it needs to support your business.

This is what puts SUPER CLEANabove the competition in commercial power washing services. Quality power washing services from the leading company gives your property the advantage of enhanced visual appeal, a better impression, safer conditions, cost savings, less frequent cleaning, longer lasting equipment and structures, and raising property value. As a responsible property manager or owner of a shopping mall, office building, parking garage, or other commercial property, you owe it to your business to hire the right guys in every aspect of your operation. When it comes to property maintenance and cleaning, SUPER CLEANis the right one for the job.