Regular professional deck cleaning service is a simple solution with dramatic results. The caveat: deck cleaning also has the potential to further damage your deck if not done correctly. Be sure you turn to the trusted professional deck cleaners of SUPER CLEAN when it’s time to have your St. Louis area deck washed.

SUPER CLEANdeck cleaners come with the knowledge, training, and equipment required to power wash your deck the right way. We guarantee results in our deck washing services and are capable of cleaning decks of any material. We apply the best practices to safely and effectively clean decks that are made from:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Composite

Our SUPER CLEANwashing technique is nuanced, allowing us to thoroughly rid your deck of bacteria, algae, and mildew. Watch as we wash away dirt, stains, and discoloration while keeping your deck intact. The result is a sound, safe, and comfortable deck that looks as good as it feels.