Your driveway is literally the path to your home. Shouldn’t it be as clean and welcoming as you keep the rest of your home?

SUPER CLEANoffers the best solution for driveway cleaning in Kenya. With the use of specially formulated cleaning solvents, our concrete power washing services are ideal for cleaning your driveway. Our commitment to service and quality will be apparent when you lay your eyes on your driveway after our driveway washing technicians have done their job.


The nature of a driveway means that it will see a lot of use. The same tires that have travelled the open road, from city to highway to country gravel roads throughout the country and beyond, pass back and forth over your driveway countless times every day. That your driveway will get dirty is simply inevitable, even for the most careful. And that’s okay; it is meant to be used. But over time, the dirt and grime can get out of hand and your driveway will become visibly dirty. When that happens, it is time to book a professional driveway cleaning service with us

Our driveway cleaning service is convenient, quick, and efficient. The results are stunning. In scheduling a quick and simple driveway washing for your home, you are investing in your future. The primary result, of course, is the stunning appearance of a bright, clean driveway. The benefits reach far beyond what the eye can see, though. A professionally cleaned driveway…

  • Stays in tact longer, resisting cracks, chips, and crumbles
  • Improves your curb appeal by making the entrance to your property look nicer
  • Keeps you safe, reducing the risk of slipping and tripping




Armed with specialized equipment, specifically formulated cleaning solutions, and the knowledge of the industry’s best practices, SUPER CLEAN driveway cleaning team will make your driveway as beautiful and safe as it should be. Power washing and cleaning solvents lift buildup from and below your driveway’s surface for a complete and lasting clean. Our driveway cleaning service is perfect for any driveway in any condition.

Use SUPER CLEAN’s driveway washing service to get rid of:

  • Algae
  • Oil stains
  • Dirt
  • Tire marks and rubber streaks
  • Rust
  • Transmission fluid
  • Hard water stains
  • Debris
  • Discoloration
  • Other foreign substances