The area around a dumpster can get, quite frankly, pretty disgusting. It’s an issue that is problematic in any setting – on residential, retail, or commercial properties. Food, oil, and other forms of waste are unsightly, pose a risk of falls, and further devalue the surrounding property by dispelling an odor and attracting pests. Leave the dirty work to the professionals by turning to SUPER CLEAN for our dumpster pad cleaning service.



Even those who are meticulously careful about their trash will experience a dirty dumpster pad over a period of use. Even if the rest of commercial or residential property is in excellent condition and upkeep, a dirty dumpster and surrounding area can send the wrong message. The problem can quickly escalate and get worse as people see the unkempt area and get the idea that cleanliness doesn’t matter on the property – soon wilfully overflowing the dumpster or leaving waste on the concrete pad rather than inside it.

Needless to say, dumpster pad cleaning calls for something heavy-duty; Look no further than SUPER CLEAN for your professional dumpster pad washing service in Kenya. No matter what kind of waste the dumpster is used for or how severe the problem is, we are the dumpster pad cleaning company that gets it done.



Without professional dumpster pad cleaning, the area becomes:

  • Ugly
    The dumpster pad is a natural eyesore (but it doesn’t have to be). And when trash and debris are allowed to accumulate, people are more likely to be careless in placing their trash, quickly making the problem worse.
  • Hazardous to health and safety
    Especially where grease and oil are used on the premise, a dumpster pad that hasn’t been cleaned is extremely hazardous. People who come near it can easily slip and fall, which is especially dangerous in the vicinity of the large, angular structure of a dumpster where someone could hit their head if they lose their balance.
  • Odorous
    You are probably familiar with the unmistakable stench of decaying garbage, especially pungent when grease and food are involved. This can affect your entire property and leave a negative impression.
  • A magnet for pests including bugs, rodents, and birds
    Another unsavouryby product of prolonged use of a dumpster without cleaning is the inevitable attraction of pests of all types, from ants to cockroaches and rats to raccoons. If you’re not proactive, this can lead to a complete infestation that is difficult and costly to remedy.
  • A problem that affects the surrounding area
    The accumulation of debris, garbage, and pollutants in and around a dumpster pad leads to unsavouryby products that reach far beyond the dimensions of your dumpster pad. Problems like pests and odor can reach into the rest of your property and even surrounding properties.

SUPER CLEAN’s dumpster pad cleaning team has the expertise, equipment, and proprietary cleaning solutions to provide a deep and effective clean of your dumpster and dumpster pad. Even the toughest stains and heavy grease and oil deposits are no match for our thorough cleaning process. For a complete clean that saves your dumpster, your dumpster pad, and the rest of your property, count on SUPER CLEAN.