• Semi-truck cleaning
  • Equipment washing
  • Crane cleaning


 For shipping and delivery companies, trucking companies, fleet owners, of other companies with semi trucks, truck washing is a necessity. Whether you’re looking for a fleet washing company for your weekly wash or you have a last-minute need to take care of an exceptionally dirty truck, SUPER CLEAN’s semi truck washing is exactly what you need.





The benefit of a clean semi truck from a business standpoint is obvious. These vehicles are on the road for long periods of time, and nature is tough on them. A good clean can make all the difference. A clean, well-maintained vehicle will always leave a better impression than a dingy, dull, and dirty truck. Not to mention the fact that, without regular semi truck washing, it isn’t long before the grime and dirt buildup on the walls of the trailer make any signage completely invisible. You’re wasting precious free marketing if the branded wrap on the sides of the trailer are not legible.

Most obvious of all is the fact that your trucks are your biggest asset. Something as simple as keeping your trucks clean can make all the difference in keeping your trucks in good condition and avoiding the cost of repair and maintenance expenses.

The importance of getting your semi trucks cleaned is clear, but the logistics can be daunting. Time is money with commercial trucks, and your schedule is tight. So why not use a semi truck wash company that comes to you when you need them, cleans quickly and thoroughly, and doesn’t leave a mess? SUPER CLEANis the fleet washing company that checks all your boxes for your truck wash needs.




When trying to make the decision of the right semi truck washing company for your needs, consider the environmental impact, the service capabilities, and the quality of the clean.




Choosing SUPER CLEANfor your truck washing needs in Kenya means that we:

  • Come to you – Don’t worry about finding a location that has commercial truck washing capabilities, and then getting your entire fleet there. We have the manpower, technology, and resources to bring your St Louis semi truck washing service to you when you need it!
  • Provide our own equipment and resources – It comes down to providing convenience in addition to a quality clean. We bring everything we need to rid your trucks of dirt and make them shine from the cab windows to the mud flaps, which includes the best mobile pressure washing technology in the industry. We even have the ability to haul our own water on-site so we don’t have to access your water supply.
  • Are quick – lose out on fewer miles travelled with shorter down times and convenient scheduling. Our semi truck washing team responds quickly and cleans fast – without missing an inch.
  • Work with your schedule – We understand that time is of the essence when your business is transport. When you need your semi trucks washed, you can’t sit around all day losing valuable daylight and travel time. Our semi truck washing team gets to you quickly and at a time that works best for you.


  • No Wastewater – We care about the environment and do our part to keep it safe by complying with state and local EPA regulations governing the water and chemicals involved in power washing services like semi truck washing. We protect the environment through a system called vacuum recovery. Vacuum recovery takes up all the soap and water that runs off your trucks during the washing process, and pumps it into our tanks for us to haul away. No wastewater, contaminants, or chemicals enter your drains or sewers during our cleaning process.
  • Chemicals – We use a proprietary, time-tested cleaning solution that delivers the best possible clean. The combination of soaps and cleaning agents lift dirt and other contaminants from the deepest crevasses and block further mold, mildew, and other buildup from growing. We acheive all this with cleaning solution that is 100% biodegradable and contains no caustic chemicals.



SUPER CLEAN’s number one priority is delivering on our promise to perform the best clean possible. We do the job right the first time to give you a complete and lasting clean. Through our years in the industry, we have perfected our unique methods for every type of cleaning, including semi truck washing. With OSHA-certified technicians who have extensive truck washing experience, we will clean your entire fleet of semi trucks efficiently and entirely. We take pride in our work so you can take pride in your truck fleet.





 Whatever kind of business you operate, it wouldn’t be possible without the very powerful and very expensive equipment you use on a daily basis. We love our forklifts, compactors, and back hoes. We run them hard and they serve us well. They’re there for us for during the toughest, dirtiest jobs. To keep these valuable investments working long-term, the proper maintenance is imperative — and that maintenance includes equipment washing services.




We understand what your equipment means to you. You’ve worked hard to get it, and you rely on its ability to function to keep your business going. You wouldn’t let just anyone operate your heavy machinery, and you should exercise that same selectivity in choosing SUPER CLEANequipment washing company to clean it. SUPER CLEAN’s equipment washing team understands your equipment and tailors their services to your specific equipment cleaning needs for a powerful clean with the benefits that are important to you.

SUPER CLEANcan provide a safe and effective clean for equipment in industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Food Service
  • Transportation
  • Rail
  • Warehousing
  • Automotive
  • Service Industries (such as lawncare, landscaping, asphalt, mechanic, etc.)



SUPER CLEANhas the expertise and talent to wash your equipment to the highest standard of cleanliness while ensuring we don’t do any damage. We have a working knowledge of heavy equipment of all shapes and sizes and are experts in removing grease, oil, rust, and stubborn buildup. Our hot water soft-wash method is gentle on your equipment, while our proprietary cleaning solvents work hard to lift and block contaminants at the absolute deepest level.

We provide the best clean through our…

  • Personnel
    SUPER CLEAN’s equipment washing team is made up of dedicated professionals with extensive industry experience. We know our way around your equipment and are committed to making every last bolt shine. SUPER CLEANis licensed, bonded, and insured and all equipment cleaning technicians are OSHA certified for utmost safety in our services.
  • Method
    We have established a simple but thorough process to ensure we deliver the clean you need. It starts with a free quote and consultation to understand your needs and priorities. When we arrive on-site to perform your equipment cleaning, we first provide a pre-cleaning inspection so we can be aware of any potential problem areas. The clean itself involves cleaning every outer surface from top to bottom with a series of soap and water applications to loose, lift, and wash away dirt. That is followed by an ultimate inspection to ensure we really didn’t miss a spot. Our job isn’t done until you are fully satisfied.
  • Technology
    We come to the job prepared, complete with mobile pressure washing technology (the best in the industry) and a vacuum recovery system for reclaiming wastewater. We provide the water we use as well as the transportation to get the clean water there to do the job and to haul the contaminated water away from your property when the job is complete.



Are you making smart decisions for your business? Smart business owners and managers have their equipment cleaned regularly. They do this because they understand the incomparable value of proactive action. Aside from the other advantages of having clean and presentable heavy equipment, equipment power washing keeps your equipment in top condition and peak performance. Our attention to detail keeps your largest investments in working order and keeps expensive equipment repairs and replacements at bay.

When dirt, debris, and fluids are allowed to build up or rest in and on your equipment for long, problems ensue without fail. Caked-on mud dries, moisture oxidizes to form rust, sharp rocks and other objects become lodged or pierce the material, debris and buildups clog lines…you get the idea. As equipment gets dirty, parts can loosen and weaken and your machines are forced to work harder to yield lesser results.

Regular professional cleaning of your equipment not only prevents potential breakdowns and malfunctions, but also increases your chances of catching any problems that do occur before they take hold. Our equipment washing personnel commit their attention to every last detail. They know their way around all kinds of equipment and have the training and knowledge to spot small issues – rusted parts, hose leaks, and the like – while they are still small.