Scared of heights? We are not

The benefits of unclogged gutters are numerous and very necessary for your home now and long-term.

Clogged gutters can result in thousands of Shillings worth of wood repairs, early repainting, and even flooding of basements and crawl spaces. Water can overflow between the gutter and fascia board causing a tremendous amount of damage. Call us today and we’ll take care of it.

How do we do it?

We remove the leaves from the gutters and the downspouts are checked and unclogged as needed to ensure proper drainage. Leaves in driveway and walkway areas will be blown or swept up if any have fallen due to the cleaning.

Suggested Cleaning Frequency

We recommend having your gutters cleaned out at least twice a year. For most homes, a cleaning after all the leaves have fallen, and again in May after the pollen season will suffice. Homes with pine trees may need the service more often in the fall. For your convenience, we can schedule semi-annual recurring calls or emails for no additional charge to make sure you have your gutters cleaned out. Call us today!

Gutter Polishing: Sounds fancy, but it’s the best way to remove those “zebra” stripes from your gutters.

Acid stains and tar from the shingles can cause the home to look less than pristine. Painting over the stripes will only make them come back even quicker. Polishing your gutters will restore your gutters to a like-new state.

Don’t Paint your Gutters

Call us before you spend thousands of dollars to have your gutters painted or replaced in order to get your house looking good again. You can be confident that the solution we use is designed specifically for getting those nasty black streaks off the face of your gutters.

Not All Gutter Face Cleaning Products are Equal.

Our environmentally friendly gutter polish is unlike most products that carry paint stripping properties such as sodium hydroxide. Before hiring a gutter cleaning service or purchasing a gutter cleaning product, ask if the product is safe to use without gloves.