Want to improve the appearance of the siding on your house? GREEN ARMY offers a revolutionary cleaning method for your house called soft washing, which differs from high-pressure power washing. House soft washing provides multiple advantages for removing dirt, debris, stains, and other contaminants from your siding.


Customers who invest in a house soft washing service in Kenya are providing their property with far-ranging advantages, in both the long and short term.


  • Long-lasting clean
    Our house washing service is like an ongoing gift for your property; your home exterior will look spotless week after week, month after month. And if it doesn’t, we offer an 8-month warranty and will come remove any additional growth such as mold or lichen for free if it returns within 8 months of the service date.
  • Curb appeal
    A dirty exterior destroys your property’s first impression. But after our service, you’ll get a consistent quality that highlights the best in curb appeal.
  • Complete stain removal
    Mold and other bacteria are responsible for those black stains and spots you see on your exterior. Our soft wash service doesn’t just remove the blemishes: It kills the growth to prevent it from coming back. 


Your home should always be geared up to impress, and with a soft wash service, you can count on it! SUPER CLEAN brings the best in-house washing solutions to your exterior.

SUPER CLEAN soft washing services for St. Louis County area residential houses offer:

  • An OSHA-trained and certified technician
  • Industry-approved soft washing methods
  • Excellent customer service at all times
  • More than SIX years of experience

SUPER CLEAN is Kenyan chosen expert for house washing solutions. The best in curb appeal and that “ just like new ” effect is all a part of our service.