A parking lot or parking garage is typically one of the first and last places a potential customer, client, or visitor to your building will see. Keeping it clean and clear of dirt and debris not only leaves a good lasting impression, but also serves to improve safety in the lot.




Parking lot sweeping is an important consideration that should never be delayed or ignored. No matter how clean the rest of your property is, a dirty lot can quickly create a bad first impression.

Dirt and dust can build up quickly, pollen in the spring and summer can wreak havoc, leaves can cover your parking lot in the fall, and visitors to the lot and surrounding streets and sidewalks can leave behind unsightly trash such as water bottles, fast food wrappers, cigarette butts, and more.




When environmental debris and trash is left in your lot for too long, it not only makes a parking lot look very bad, but it also affects the life of your concrete, causing the concrete to begin to crack and wear quicker. This results in a lot that is ultimately unsafe, and the last thing you want to have to deal with is a lawsuit.

Liability is something every realtor, property manager, and municipal manager needs to think about. Each year, nearly 10,000 pedestrians suffer injuries in parking lots and parking garages. It could be something as simple as wet leaves or a small crack in the lot that causes someone to trip and hurt themselves.

As part of your property maintenance program, it is imperative that you add parking lot sweeping or parking garage sweeping to the schedule. It will save you the high cost of parking lot repair, as well as improve your curb appeal and showcase your commitment to cleanliness and professionalism.



When it comes to parking lot sweeping, all companies are not equal. Do not make the mistake of believing your choice of a parking lot sweeping company does not matter. Because with SUPER CLEAN, you get faster service, a deeper clean, and commitment to doing the job right.

How do we deliver on superior sweeping services for commercial properties like yourparking lot? It’s a tried-and-true combination of the best equipment in the industry and the most dedicated, hard-working technicians in the business. Our technicians use dual motor air sweeper trucks, while most of our competitors are still using hydraulic trucks. For a hydraulic sweeper to do its job, it has to pass over surfaces quickly – yet, passing over quickly makes for missed debris. Our dual motor trucks have the ability to sit atop piles of debris, allowing it to move slowly and thoroughly while effectively lifting and trapping all debris on the pavement.

Enjoy the true difference of superior sweeping services by counting on  SUPER CLEAN for all your commercial sweeping needs.