If your walkway is looking less than welcoming, or your patio is looking more dirt than concrete or brick, SUPER CLEAN can help. Our surface cleaning service restores the shine to all of your hardscapes, providing you prolonged, quality enjoyment of your outdoor property. 



Concrete and other hardscapes attract dirt. It’s inevitable when they’re the base for so much foot and vehicle traffic; after all, these areas were made for you and your guests to enjoy and be a part of your landscape. Unfortunately, the porous surfaces trap and store built-up dirt and grime. Over time, these once beautiful installations of concrete, stone, and brick turn dingy and lacklustre. It can make any home appear old and unkempt.

Fortunately, porch, patio, and walkway cleaning services have the power to transform your surfaces. With our hardscape cleaning, you can enjoy a space that improves curb appeal while prioritizing safety. Our hot water surface cleaning system removes build up from bacteria, dirt, oil, and more. We always apply a mold inhibitor after our washing service to preserve your results.

Whether we’re tackling sidewalk cleaning, patio cleaning, porch cleaning, or beyond, our team has the tools and skill needed to restore your surfaces.



SUPER CLEANis the leader in Kenya’s  power washing and other effective outdoor cleaning techniques. Our technicians have extensive training and operate using the industry’s best pressure washing equipment and supplies, including an inventory of cleaners specifically designed for stain, grease, and buildup removal. With our professionals at the ready, you can expect results in:

  • Spill and stain removal
  • Skid mark removal
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Battery acid stain removal
  • Surface brightening

We care about the curb appeal of your home, but we’re also concerned about its safety. By removing slick stains and hazardous buildup, we invest in the wellbeing of your property and everyone who calls it home.

Trust SUPER CLEANfor your next surface cleaning needs, so you can enjoy every part of your valuable residential property as it should be – beautifully and safely!