When it comes to power washing, you want and deserve a complete and detailed job that leaves you entire property looking better. Isn’t forcing dirt and grime out and away with pressurized water just kicking the can down the road? Power washing works, through the pressure of the water and the action of the cleaning solutions, by lifting the contaminants from where they have settled in the crevasses of the wood, brick, concrete, or other material. The particles of oils, heavy metals, mold, rust, and other contaminants are then suspended in the water, which flows away.

If left to its own devices, that water, now holding contaminants and cleaning chemicals, is likely to find its way onto the properties of others and into storm drains that lead to local bodies of water. We don’t need to explain why that is undesirable. This dirty wastewater is bad for the environment, and being left with a wet and swampy property after receiving power washing services is more than a minor nuisance. Protect the environment, your community, and your business by choosing the dedicated, professional power washing company that offers complete water reclamation.


Vacuum recovery is a method for a task called water reclamation. Just as the name suggests, water reclamation is the process of reclaiming water after it has been used to lift the stains and contaminants from a given surface.

SUPER CLEAN’s wastewater recovery system works by attaching a hose over the location where the water will drain. It is pumped up from there where it is then filtered and directed into one of our tanks. We remove the collected wastewater from the job site after we have completed the job.

We are also able to implement water reclamation for indoor industrial cleaning. When washing surfaces such as warehouse or factory floors, our system takes up the wastewater as we move forward, leaving behind no puddles and allowing to work simultaneously without interrupting your typical daily operations.



How do you decide which power washing company to hire for your property? While we are well aware that there are many seemingly similar competitors to choose from, it is our dedication to service and quality sets SUPER CLEANapart from other power washing companies. Our vacuum recovery system of water reclamation is one of the ways we provide superior service and achieve the highest quality clean.

Among other things, reclaiming water through a vacuum system helps us:

  • Reduce pollution
    In addition to proprietary cleaning solutions that are 100% biodegradable and contain zero caustic chemicals (which are incredibly harsh and corrosive), we use vacuum recovery of wastewater to ensure that our work isn’t destructive to the surrounding environment. Vacuum recovery does this by pumping runoff wastewater – full of cleaning solution and the contaminants they remove – back onto our trucks rather than letting the dirty water run into the city’s storm drain system.
  • Comply with the law
    We are governed by a series of municipal, state, and federal environmental policies. The EPA’s Clean Water Act prohibits pressure washing companies from allowing wash water to enter city storm drains. SUPER CLEANcomplies with the NEEMA regulation by using a vacuum recovery system to collect and retain all waste water for safe removal.
  • Ease impact on the environment
    Coupled with our water reclaiming system is our water hauling system. By supplying our own water to the job site and collecting all runoff water, we limit the amount of water that is wasted and reduce the strain on your property to provide large quantities of water.
  • Provide practicality and convenience
    Neatly containing the dirty water from the cleaning we do on your property makes for an easier transition and less downtime for your business. Unlike competitors who lack a vacuum recovery system, we don’t leave a mess behind. And for high-traffic workplaces, keeping the water contained means that we can do our job without disrupting yours. You don’t have to shut down or stop working. In industrial spaces like warehouses, we can clean one area at a time while your employees continue their work.